Industrial floors using polypropylene fiber
Industrial floors using polypropylene fiber

Polypropylene fiber for industrial floors

The floor is the main element of any building, so it is so important that it is done honestly, efficiently and safely. This applies not only to the strength of the structure, but also to its safety for the health of workers. Most large enterprises today use industrial floors using polypropylene fiber – this is an innovative material that allows you to create a structure that meets all the important criteria as much as possible.

What is fiber concrete?

Concrete is the fundamental material in the construction of structures for various purposes, so it is important that it be strong, wear-resistant, reliable and durable. Previously, to enhance the strength characteristics of the material, a special reinforcing mesh and steel fiber were used . Today, the process of reinforcing concrete has been greatly simplified by adding polypropylene fiber to concrete. As a result of mixing fiber and mixture, fiber concrete is obtained.

The obvious advantages of using polypropylene fiber for industrial floors instead of traditional steel mesh are lightness and speed. Strengthening a fiber does not require additional time – fibrovolokno added directly into the mixing process. Thus, the concrete floor layer does not require additional laying of the reinforcing mesh, as it contains a reinforcing fiber.

Where are industrial floors with fiber-reinforced concrete needed?

As a rule, industrial floors using polypropylene fiber are extremely effective at large trading floors, factories, terminals, car services. The concrete layer reinforced with fiber is able to withstand significant loads. Bending / expanding strength is greatly increased. Also, fiber reinforcement helps to avoid the harmful effects of cracks that lead to the destruction of concrete.

Industrial floors based on innovative technologies using polypropylene fiber are several times superior to traditional structures in terms of performance. They are able to serve for decades without additional preventive examination and restoration.

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