Polypropylene Concrete Fibers

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Fiber for concrete, industrial floors and plaster mixes

The use of polymeric materials in construction began in the middle of the last century. At the same time, polypropylene fiber appeared a little later, and its main application is the reinforcement of concrete, which prevents cracks. Initially, fiber was used in road construction, where the material showed excellent results. After that, the composition is also used for the construction and reconstruction of various facilities, which allowed to obtain a solution with excellent performance.

In the process of construction work with concrete, one of the important stages - anti-shrinkage reinforcement, which reduces the formation of cracks in the process of shrinkage of concrete. If earlier steel reinforcing mesh and steel fiber were used for this purpose, today the palm of supremacy has been taken over by polypropylene fiber - the price of this fiber for concrete and high technical properties that allow it to compete successfully with metal fiber and mesh.

Polypropylene fiber is a synthetic fiber with a diameter of about 20 microns, made by extrusion from isotactic polypropylene and treated with a special composition to improve adhesion in the concrete matrix. Polypropylene fiber can be bought in bulk at reasonable prices on our website.

Characteristics of polypropylene fiber

Fiber characteristicValue
Elastic modulus4-6 GPa
Tensile strength MPa400-500
Fiber diameterfrom 10 µm
Fiber length2-55 mm
Elongation factor %20-25
Melting point160°
Ignition point350°
Alkali and corrosion resistanceexcellent
Electrical conductivitylow
Specific gravity g/cm30.91


The popularity of the material continues to grow, as the volume of construction work each year demonstrates progress and there is a high need for quality additives that will achieve the required characteristics of the finished structure.

The main areas of application of polypropylene fiber:

  • concrete floor device,
  • floor screed,
  • ready-made concrete products (trays, rings, etc.),
  • dry construction mixtures,
  • production of foam concrete,
  • production of paving slabs and fences

This is by no means a complete list of construction activities that use polypropylene fiber. It is used in all types of cement-containing mixtures - plasters, concretes, mortars, foam concrete, sand concrete, gypsum, etc. You can buy polypropylene fiber on our website.

FiberMix® polypropylene fiber is made in Ukraine at our enterprise

The material is actively used in the production and laying of concrete, as the fibers have competitive performance:

  • the ability to strengthen the concrete structure evenly;
  • the mixture is less prone to spreading, so its consumption is reduced;
  • the service life of the structure increases;
  • fiber-optic concrete has a high class of fire resistance;
  • the appearance of the product remains quite attractive after using the additive.

Concrete product, to which polypropylene fiber is added, is several times more resistant to shocks, cracks, chips and other damage. Application of fiber fibers allows to exclude loss by concrete of its monolithicity under the influence of a strong frost. The polymer reduces the accumulation of liquid solution. The design in which polymeric fibers are entered, differs in the minimum shrinkage. The concrete itself becomes more durable, so the service life of the structure increases. These qualities of polypropylene fiber are the most tangible, but they are not limited to the advantages of the material.

The main property that acquires concrete with polymer fiber reinforcement - its maximum resistance to microcracks at the initial stage of concrete hardening. Fewer microcracks at the initial stage - fewer macrocracks during operation, which will lead to the destruction of concrete

Production of polypropylene fiber of the FiberMix® Trademark

Fiber for concrete reinforcement is successfully used in the production of various construction mixtures. It is suitable for use in warehouses that contain gypsum or cement. Fibers are also used in the manufacture of foam concrete, so that its strength characteristics were significantly increased. Fiber is used in the preparation of the foundation and the production of piles. It is impossible to make foam blocks without it. When creating a floor screed, fiber allows you to give concrete higher performance. You can also use fiber to obtain a solution that is ideal for paving.

Our company FiberMix is a manufacturer of synthetic fiber for concrete. The production process at our company meets the ISO standard. Fiber for concrete and mortar of our production is an affordable material for private and commercial developers who want to increase the strength of the future structure with significant savings.

The company's specialists carefully monitor each stage of production, using modern equipment and reliable raw materials. We are leaders in the Ukrainian market in terms of synthetic fiber products for concrete.

The quality of the products is confirmed by the presence of certificates, so you can be sure that you are buying the original product either directly from our company or through official points of sale.

Consumption of polypropylene fiber

ApplicationRecommended fiber size, mmBrand of polymer fiberDosage per 1 m3
Concrete roads, industrial floors, cement concrete road surfaces24, 38, 54Polymeshfrom 1 to 3 kg
6, 12, 18Fibermixfrom 0.6 to 1.5 kg
14, 25, 40, 55Armotecfrom 1 to 4 kg
Warm floor, dry screeds14, 25Armotecfrom 0.5 to 1 kg
24Polymeshfrom 0.5 to 1 kg
6,12,18Fibermixfrom 0.6 to 0.9 kg
Reinforced concrete products14,25,40,55Armotecfrom 0.5 to 1.5 kg
24,38,54Polymeshfrom 0.5 to 1.5 kg
6, 12, 18Fibermixfrom 0.6 to 1.5 kg
Foam concrete, aerated concrete4,6,12,18Fibermixfrom 0.3 kg to 0.9 kg
Plasters, putties, dry construction mixtures, liquid wallpaper4, 6, 12Fibermixfrom 0.1 kg depending on the type of dry construction mixture


The norm depends on the required strength characteristics under loads. For reinforced concrete structures, adding fiber is aimed at increasing strength and eliminating cracks

Concrete Fibers FAQ

What concrete fibers are the most popular?

The following types are most often used for reinforcing concrete: polymer, basalt, metal fiber or fiberglass

What are the benefits of using concrete fiber?

Reinforcing fiber reduces the risk of cracking, increases the durability of concrete structures

How much concrete fiber additive is needed?

The dosage rate of fibers depends on the requirements for concrete reinforcement. For macrofiber we recommended to add from 2 to 6 kg/m3