Polymer macrofiber ArmoTec®

Polymer macrofiber ArmoTec®

replacement of steel fiber, mesh


ArmoTeс® synthetic fiber is a high performance polymer fiber used as structural reinforcement in concrete and shotcrete.

The ArmoTeс® reinforcement system works by distributing hundreds of thousands of high-strength fibers throughout the entire volume of the concrete mix. They reinforce every part of the concrete structure, increasing its flexural strength.

ArmoTeс® fibers increase the impact resistance of concrete by absorbing the energy of destruction.



When ordering a shipment of ArmoTec in amount of 3 tons or more, a calculation with technical report for industrial concrete slab is provided on the basis of the customer's specification

  • Polymer macrofiber ArmoTec® Our products are certified
according to EN 14889-2: 2006
    Our products are certified according to EN 14889-2: 2006
  • Polymer macrofiber ArmoTec® The FIBERMIX company quality control system is certified according to ISO 9001: 2015
    The FIBERMIX company quality control system is certified according to ISO 9001: 2015
  • Polymer macrofiber ArmoTec® Certificate of safety
    Certificate of safety
  • Polymer macrofiber ArmoTec® CCI certification letter
    CCI certification letter

Polymer macrofiber ArmoTec® product description

  • Increases flexural tensile strength
  • Reduces shrinkage during concrete hardening
  • Increases residual bearing capacity (after crack opening)
  • Increases plasticity of destruction
  • Effectively redistributes destructive loads
  • Increases crack resistance of concrete structures
  • Removes the risk of corrosion
  • Allows you to get rid of the structure reinforcement with a mesh
  • Increases the fire resistance of the concrete structure
  • Safer, lighter and cheaper to work with than steel

The dosage rate will vary depending on the concrete reinforcement requirements and on requirements for providing the needed equivalent tensile strength
and bending resistance. The recommended dosage range for ArmoTec® is 2 to 6 kg / m3. When used at the appropriate dosage,
ArmoTec® is an option to replace steel shrink mesh, metal fiber or conventional steel bars as a safe
and an easy-to-use alternative reinforcement system resistant to rust and alkali.

ArmoTec® structural macrofibers can be added to the concrete mix at any time before concrete is applied. Usually recommended
add any fibrous material in the batching plant during batching. Fibers must be mixed with concrete at least
from three (3) to five (5) minutes at maximum mixing speed, depending on the type of mixer, to ensure complete dispersion
and uniformity. Add other admixtures regardless of fiber addition. ArmoTec® synthetic macrofibre is compatible with all additives.

  • Package in branded bags of 3 kg;
  • Package in bags of 12 kg (4 bags of 3 kg);
  • Quantity per pallet 312 kg (26 bags 12 kg each);
  • Size of a pallet with the goods 1.0*1.2*2.1 m


    The FiberMix company can organize delivery of any amount of goods by land or sea and to any country which is requested  by our customers

    The company's managers will offer you the most convenient conditions for the delivery of fiber to your facilities or warehouses.

    Our company is guided by the interests of our customers and delivers as soon as possible.




    Our company uses the services of international freight transportation in curtain trailers and cargo transportation by sea containers.

    The company's managers will offer you the most convenient conditions for the delivery of fiber to your facilities or warehouses.

    Our company is guided by the interests of our customers and delivers as soon as possible.


Polymer macrofiber ArmoTec® : Reviews

I recently used Armotek macro fiber concrete for my construction project, and I must say, it exceeded my expectations. The integration of these macro fibers into the concrete significantly enhances its strength. Armotek - has been a revolutionary solution for me for my concrete structures.
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Macrofiber ArmoTec®
  • What is ArmoTec® polymer macrofiber?

    ArmoTec polymer macrofiber

    ArmoTec® is a synthetic ultra-strong polymer macrofibre designed for concrete reinforcement. Polymer reinforcement fibers are especially suitable for replacing welded wire and conventional metal fiber reinforcement in concrete environments where high chemical and corrosion resistance is required.
    Additional reinforcement of concrete, due to the even distribution of a huge amount of ArmoTec® fibers throughout the entire concrete matrix, controls the process of cracking and provides the concrete with further strengthening.
    Concrete reinforced with ArmoTek has three-dimensional reinforcement with increased bending strength, impact resistance and surface wear resistance. ArmoTek polypropylene fiber will help to minimize the formation of cracks during concrete shrinkage. Thanks to the special grooved surface of the fibers, they provide excellent adhesion to concrete, increasing their effectiveness especially in shotcrete.

  • Where is ArmoTec® polymer macrofiber used?


    ArmoTec polymer fibers

    They are used in many branches of the construction industry. As a rule, this additive is used for construction:

    • industrial floors;
    • paving slabs; roadbed;
    • hydraulic structures;
    • warehouses;
    • bridges;
    • reinforced concrete piles;
    • screeds and warm floors;
    • decorative concrete, plaster and other solutions;
    • objects related to the petrochemical industry;
    • production of dry building mixtures;
    • cellular concrete;
    • materials for the repair of concrete surfaces, etc.


  • What properties of concrete will be improved by adding ArmoTec® polymer macrofiber?


    The main characteristics of concrete to be improved:

    • Flexural strength;
    • improved shrinkage characteristics;
    • frost resistance;
    • heat resistance;
    • salt resistance;
    • sulfate resistance;
    • wear resistance;
    • impact resistance;
    • fire resistance.


  • Is post-treatment of concrete necessary after adding ArmoTec® polymer macrofiber?

    Yes, it is. Final processing of concrete in accordance with current standards must be ensured.

  • Can ArmoTec® polymer macrofiber rise or sink to the concrete surface?

    Not. This is a misconception about ArmoTec® polymer macrofiber. The basic composition of concrete includes such materials as: crushed stone, sand, cement, water and appropriate additives. The rise to the surface or subsidence depends on the difference in density of the materials. As the concrete becomes viscous, it is difficult to lift or settle to the surface of the concrete.