Fiber for roads: dispersed reinforcement of the road surface
Fiber for roads: dispersed reinforcement of the road surface

Fiber for roads: dispersed reinforcement of the road surface

Roads play an important role in the life of every person, but due to the intensive traffic flow and the negative influence of various factors, their quality is deteriorating. Due to problems with the characteristics of the binder and violations of the laying technology, the service life does not even reach the design life: 20-30 years for cement concrete roads and 8-12 years for asphalt concrete pavement. One of the main problems is damage to the road surface.

fiber for roads

Dispersed reinforcement with fiber allows to solve this problem. The bending strength in this case reaches 30-50%. The use of polypropylene fiber provides secondary reinforcement and improves the physical and technical qualities of the pavement. It increases the mass of the binder, creates an effective reinforcing 3D matrix in each cubic meter of the mixture, which ensures the durability and reliability of the road, and reduces the number of roadway repairs. Reinforcing fibers can be introduced both into asphalt concrete together with crushed stone and cement, and into the top layer of concrete roads.

Fiber improves road safety — lack of cracks and chipping of the surface, reduces the risk of accidents and improves the grip of tires with the road surface.

    The addition of polypropylene to road mixtures improves the density, hardness and strength of the roadway. A smoother level road surface ensures comfortable and safe traffic. In addition, the improved quality of the road surface helps to reduce noise and vibration from passing vehicles.

    Polypropylene fiber Armotec  — pavement reinforcement

    Armotec is an innovative solution for road construction and roadway repair, reliable protection against abrasion and damage. The physical and technical qualities of the fiber allow it to be effective in any climatic conditions. It maintains its properties and performance even under extreme temperatures, humidity and other aggressive environmental influences. Armotec macrofiber has high chemical resistance, does not break down under the influence of chemically aggressive substances such as salts, acids or alkalis, which helps to increase the life of the road under chemical attack.

    For the use of fiberglass in road construction, there is no need for special equipment, just add it to the mixer with asphalt or concrete and mix thoroughly.

    Application of Armotec will increase the service life of roads due to:

    • improving the density and hardness of the coating;
    • increasing the bending strength of the roadway;
    • prevent cracking and chipping of the surface;
    • Improve the wear resistance of pavement.

    Don't miss the opportunity to improve the quality of your road surface with Armotec macrofiber!