Microfiber for concrete FiberMix®

MICROFIBER decrease cracking

Microfiber FiberMix® is a high performance monofilament polypropylene fiber. It is developed to reduce microplastic shrinkage and cracking during concrete hardening, as well as to improve concrete strength and surface quality.
Fibers are also used in concrete mixes to increase flexural and tensile strength and reduce the risk of concrete disintegration.

Microfiber FiberMix is a cost-effective and a high-quality alternative to steel mesh to control cracking.

  • Our products are certified according to EN 14889-2: 2006
  • The FIBERMIX company quality control system is certified according to ISO 9001: 2015
  • Certificate of safety
  • CCI certification letter
product description
  • Prevents the formation of internal and surface cracks when the concrete dries
  • Reduces microplastic shrinkage
  • Increases concrete durability and aging resistance
  • Reduces water permeability and chemical permeability
  • Improves resistance to freezing - thawing of concrete
  • Increases the fire resistance of concrete

Microfiber FiberMix® is recommended for use in the amount of 0.9kg / m3 of mortar. In this case, there is not only a decrease in the formation of cracks, but also an improvement in a number of characteristics of the ready-made concrete. If your only task is to reduce cracking in concrete - it will be enough to use 0.6 kg / m3 of mortar.


When placing concrete, the standard placement procedures must be followed. Due to the high efficiency of the fibers, slight modifications to the mixture design may be necessary depending on the application.

FiberMix® microfiber is added to the mixer before, during or after the batching of other concrete components. The mixing time is at least 5 minutes. FiberMix® fibers are compatible with all commonly used concrete additives and performance enhancing chemicals.

The fiber is not flammable and is not hazardous to human or animal health.


Application area
Industrial floors
Monolithic structures
Shotcrete (tunnels, subways)
Road surfaces, parking lots


    The FiberMix company can organize delivery of any amount of goods by land or sea and to any country which is requested  by our customers

    The company's managers will offer you the most convenient conditions for the delivery of fiber to your facilities or warehouses.

    Our company is guided by the interests of our customers and delivers as soon as possible.




    Our company uses the services of national carriers - Nova Poshta, Meest Express, SAT and others.

    The company's managers will offer you the most convenient conditions for the delivery of fiber to your facilities or warehouses.

    Our company is guided by the interests of our customers and delivers as soon as possible.


Microfiber FiberMix®
  • What is FiberMix® Synthetic Polypropylene Microfiber?


    Synthetic fiber, microfiber for concrete

    FiberMix® company carries out a full range of works on the production of material. High-quality microfiber for concrete is born as a result of well-coordinated production work. Our arsenal includes modern equipment, high-quality raw materials, automated processes under the supervision of experienced specialists. All this allows you to buy FiberMix® microfiber, being confident in its exceptional properties and performance.
    A special advantage of using polypropylene fiber is its cost effectiveness. Only 0.6-0.9 kg of raw materials meet the needs for steel mesh per 1 m3 of concrete. By scattering the fibers in the cement matrix, they create a three-dimensional reinforcement that significantly strengthens the structure without much effort.

    Today microfiber for concrete is in high demand in private and commercial construction. Many developers prefer synthetic microfibers over traditional reinforcement, and this is definitely the right solution.

    Microfiber for concrete in Ukraine FiberMix®

    To strengthen concrete walls, facades or mortar, microfiber is used for concrete - the price of the material allows it to compete with traditional reinforcement methods. There is a wide variety of materials on the market today, the quality of which does not always meet the highest standards.

    FiberMix® production carefully monitors all stages of fiber creation, from the supply of raw materials to the packaging of the finished product. Responsible attitude to work will allow customers to buy microfiber for concrete, being confident in the impeccable quality of the product. At the same time, the cost of the material will also suit each buyer.

    If you want to follow current trends in construction, synthetic fiber is exactly what you need! Thanks to this material, the construction time will be significantly reduced, and the quality and strength will increase significantly!

    Designed to address the challenges of primary cracking, FiberMix® microsynthetic fibers help prevent cracks from propagating in the plastic state of concrete - exactly when they occur.


  • What are the benefits of FiberMix® polypropylene microfiber?


    FiberMix® Microfiber Benefits

    Despite the low dosage of FiberMix® (0.6-0.9 kg per 1 m3 of concrete), the fibers are dispersed in huge quantities in the cement matrix of the concrete, thus creating a three-dimensional reinforcement.
    The use of FiberMix® prevents natural shrinkage cracks from occurring immediately after the concrete is poured. In the first 6-8 hours, concrete has a low modulus of elasticity and shrinkage deformations actively occur in it. Polypropylene fibers will actively carry out their work until the modulus of elasticity of concrete (when gaining strength) exceeds the modulus of elasticity of polypropylene.

    With the introduction of FiberMix® microfiber, private and commercial developers have eliminated most of the hassle of reinforcing concrete structures with steel mesh. It is no longer necessary to use a metal mesh, it is enough to add microfiber to a dry mix or concrete solution to make the finished object more durable and stronger.

    Thus, FiberMix® microfiber, when combined with concrete mortar, provides the following valuable properties of a building material:

    • frost resistance;
    • viscosity, plasticity, and, consequently, ease of use;
    • moisture resistance;
    • abrasion resistance;
    • no shrinkage, deformation after solidification;

    wear resistance, resistance to mechanical shock.
    Fibrous synthetic microfiber is used in various cases - when pouring foundations, building bridges, piles, road surfaces, erecting monolithic structures, casting figured products, decorating finished facades to strengthen the structure. FiberMix® microfiber for concrete significantly improves concrete performance, no matter the application.


  • How does FiberMix® microfiber affect the use of additives?

    Microfiber FiberMix® does not affect the hydration of solutions. Its action is mechanical. Microfiber is suitable for all concrete mixes and does not have any effect on the use of various additives. Microfiber FiberMix® does not require the addition of any impurities for proper application.

  • Can FiberMix® microfiber be used with all types of cements?

    FiberMix® microfiber can be used with various types of cements. Microfiber mechanically holds cement paste together and can be used with all types of cement.

  • When does the final curing of the FiberMix® microfiber mortar take place?

    The solution hardens in about 2-3 weeks. Some experts say that walking on such a concrete floor is possible after 12-14 hours, and after a few days you can lay the floor covering.