The use of polymer fibers for dispersed concrete reinforcement
The use of polymer fibers for dispersed concrete reinforcement


Fiber polymer dispersed reinforcement

Increasing the strength of concrete depends on the inclusion of additional reinforcing particles with a high modulus of elasticity, since this indicator of the cement matrix ranges from 25-30 MPa. More recently, this was an elusive task, since only steel fiber was used for reinforcement. Polypropylene fibers with an elastic modulus of 1200-1600 MPa provide high impact resistance and crack resistance, tensile strength in bending. As for the latter, it is possible to increase the tensile strength with the help of synthetic fibers of small diameter, the so-called macro-fibers. Thus, the use of polymer fibers of dispersed concrete reinforcement is an innovative way to improve its reliability indicators.
Studies have shown that with polypropylene, polyethylene fiber up to 0.1% of the total mass, the level of concrete compressive strength may slightly decrease, but bending strength will increase. polymer fibers aggressive alkaline environment of concrete is not destructive, since polypropylene is inert (resistant) to alkali and acids. However, polypropylene has a low UV resistance. In this regard, in the production of concrete fibers from polypropylene, a UV (ultra-violet) stabilizer is added to them. But in fact, this is reinsurance, since the fibers are located directly in the thickness of concrete, and not on its surface. And those single fibers that are on the surface, when destroyed after 3-4 months of exposure to sunlight, will not bring a negative effect.

The use of polymer fiber dispersed concrete reinforcement

As we have already found out, an innovative option for strengthening a material such as concrete is polymer fibers of dispersed concrete reinforcement, their use contributes to an impressive improvement in the quality of the material. So, micro and macro fiber polypropylene:

  • significantly increase bending strength;
  • reduce the intensity of cracking;
  • increase the water resistance of concrete;
  • increase impact resistance and reduce the brittleness of concrete.

It should be noted that the best properties are acquired by concrete, in the composition of which both micro and macro fibers are added. The complex use of polymer reinforcement will make your concrete more durable.