How to avoid corrosion of steel fiber?
How to avoid corrosion of steel fiber?


In fact, the answer is simple – use polypropylene fiber to reinforce concrete.

Steel reinforcement in concrete

But, if you answer this question more seriously, it will be so.

Reinforcement, concrete has long become something generally accepted in the construction industry. Without this procedure, the concrete mix will be more vulnerable to cracks and moisture loss, which will inevitably lead to the destruction of the finished product in the future. To increase strength and improve the manufacturability of such a mixture, it is best to use fiber reinforcement for concrete.

However, it is important to remember that metal parts are prone to corrosion after a certain period of time. That is why it should be understood how to avoid corrosion of steel fibers in order to timely prevent such a noticeable shortage of steel fibers.

Ways to fight steel fiber corrosion:

Solutions. The unique composition, which varies depending on the manufacturer, will prevent premature damage to the metal structure. To know how to process steel fiber to prevent corrosion, it is recommended that you consult a specialist or seller before making a purchase. In fact, there is nothing complicated, however, some nuances should still be taken into account.
Galvanizing metal. The use of zinc can significantly slow down the corrosion processes, which has long been adopted by many giants of the construction industry. First of all, it will destroy zinc particles, and all the electrons emitted during the oxidation process will be transferred to iron, restoring its structure. It is important to know how to process steel fiber to avoid corrosion using zinc so that the finished product can use the mixture.
Making fiber from alloy steel. Simply put, it will require stainless steel, which copes with the manifestations of corrosion. Obviously, in this case, solutions for processing steel fiber from corrosion are not required.
As you can understand, metal for fiber is not a sentence. There are various methods in order to create high-quality and durable reinforced steel fibers, but remember that processing steel fibers to avoid corrosion will inevitably lead to an increase in money costs. Whether you should spend so much money or better rely on chance is up to you.

So, what can be seen by studying this issue – the usual common steel fiber is inevitable. To prevent this from happening, either stainless steel is needed to produce steel fiber, or zinc coating of metal fiber , which does not completely eliminate the issue of corrosion, but noticeably delays it.

Polypropylene microfiber , unlike steel, is not subject to corrosion and is resistant to aggressive alkaline environment, which is a solution of concrete. With the same design loads that polypropylene and steel fiber can carry , the first is cheaper, more durable and more convenient to use.