Reinforcing additives for concrete
Reinforcing additives for concrete


Inexpensive concrete reinforcing additives

Concrete structures are additionally equipped with reinforcing metal elements to increase strength. These fixtures take on the brunt, which increases the durability of the concrete. However, this method is not very versatile, since the reinforcing elements are located in a fixed place.

If you use reinforcing additives for concrete, the scope of application of such components is much wider than it might seem at first glance. Considering the fact that reinforcing elements are distributed throughout the entire mass of concrete solution, strength indicators are capable of breaking all records.

Important features of concrete reinforcing additives:


  • Increased adhesion.
  • Increases frost resistance.
  • Creation of a homogeneous mass, which is not characterized by stratification.
  • A noticeable increase in abrasion and flexing strength.
  • Increase in water resistance by plugging "cement capillaries".

We recommend that you find out how best to choose reinforcing additives for concrete, since today there are many types, whose properties should be carefully studied.

Metallic fibers. They are used for the production of paving slabs and all kinds of cast products.
Polypropylene additives. If we consider inexpensive reinforcing additives for concrete, then polypropylene fiber should be distinguished. Moreover, it has excellent performance and a wide range of applications.
Basalt fiber. The similar qualities of basalt and polypropylene make this additive no less popular. It is also beneficial to use it when working with plaster products.
Fiberglass. The main merit is giving the concrete plasticity. We recommend buying reinforcing additives for concrete (Kiev) if you need to make original decor items or if you have large-scale restoration work ahead.
Be sure to pay attention to the manufacturer of these products, since it is offered to buy reinforcing additives for concrete in Ukraine at different prices. Trust trusted brands, check customer reviews and select a reinforcing additive according to the characteristics of interest!