Fiber - its types and the differences between them
Fiber - its types and the differences between them

Differences of fiber and its types

Fiber comes from latin «fibra», which means – fiber. Fiber is a necessary component in concrete and represents individual fibers of various lengths, which are used for micro and macro reinforcement of concrete. Fiber is used for dispersed reinforcement of concrete structures. Dispersed reinforcement is the distribution of a large number of single microfiber in the total volume of concrete in which these two components do not react chemically to each other.

At the same time, we get concrete with increased resistance to tensile, abrasion, shock and vibration loads, improved moisture and frost resistance. The following varieties are widely used in concrete work (according to the material of manufacture ) :

Polypropylene (polymer) fiber In connection with its size, the fiber is divided into two types – MICRO and MACRO . Each type – its tasks. Microfiber – it is a fiber in which the diameter of a single fiber does not exceed 0,3mm Macrofiber – fiber with a single fiber diameter greater than 0,3mm