Wire steel fiber and its comparison with polypropylene
Wire steel fiber and its comparison with polypropylene

Comparison of wire fiber with polypropylene

Before we find out what a wire fiber is, let’s look at what fiber is in general. This is a material consisting of a large number of single fibers per 1 kg, intended for concrete reinforcement. In construction, a material called wire fiber is used to reinforce concrete in order to increase its strength properties.

In other words, what is wire fiber in construction? These are metal fibers that are added to concrete and other mixtures, as a result of which we have:

increase in concrete tensile / compression strength;
reduced likelihood of cracking;
increase the service life of building materials.
To achieve the above indicators, the mixture is reinforced with fiber. Traditionally, until recently, reinforcement was carried out using reinforcing mesh and steel fiber, but recently a more rational solution has appeared – adding fibers made from chemically resistant polypropylene to the mixture. It is necessary to distinguish between the action of steel mesh, steel fiber and polypropylene microfiber in concrete.

What are the advantages of polypropylene fiber over steel wire?

Steel mesh – performs the role of anti-shrink component in concrete. Microfiber – performs the same role, but its effectiveness is many times higher than that of the mesh, since microfiber is distributed throughout the entire volume of the concrete mix. This statement is proved by the world practice of using these materials and the almost complete rejection of the mesh in favor of polypropylene microfiber. Steel wire fiber is macro- fiber and acts as a component of concrete, which enhances its tensile strength in bending, as well as polypropylene macro-fiber.

By adding polypropylene fiber, concrete also acquires an increase in vibration resistance. As you know, it is the reinforcing mesh and steel wire fiber that contribute to the propagation of vibrations, which leads to the destruction of concrete. Replacing steel reinforcing elements with polypropylene fiber also contributes to the reduction of corrosion properties. Due to the coating of the metal mesh with rust, it increases in volume, which leads to the destruction of concrete. In the case of polypropylene fiber, this possibility is excluded.

When conducting a comparative analysis between steel wire fiber and its replacement – polypropylene fiber, we see undeniable advantages in favor of the use of synthetic fibers in comparison with metal analogues.

How to order polypropylene fiber in Ukraine?

The technology of using polypropylene fiber in concrete is quite new, and has not yet become very widespread in our country. However, those who have already tried to use this type of fiber from polypropylene, with confidence declare its advantages.